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Fighting Acid Violence

Documentary: Stop Acid Violence – Coming Soon…

Toronto Tagore Conference

“Meghdubi” – A Documentary on Folklife and Cultural Heritage of Bangladesh

meghdubiThe documentary/short film “Meghdubi” is an exposition of folklife and rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Folklife is depicted with all genres of folk elements that contain the works of farmers, artisans, weavers, craftsmen, potters, blacksmiths, folk singers and others, who are still maintaining and preserving the diversified folk traditions of Bangladesh. Game is an amusing event in our rural life. Some of the indigenous games are focused in the documentary. A symbolic story of folklife is narrated in the form of poems and songs along with English subtitle. Peace and harmony in village life irrespective of casts and religions, gender balance, dignity of girls and women, recognition of their works in the society are specially highlighted in the documentary.

Sports for All – Games of Bangladesh

Folk Life of Rural Bengal Highlighted by Smithsonian