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Contribution of poet Jasimuddin in folksong collection and research

On the great contribution of poet Jasimuddin in collecting folksong and doing research on it.

Parenting: Equal Rights for Men & Women

On the importance of Parenting by both men and women.

Women in Bangladesh: Victim of duel exploitation

A review of the book titled “Jhagrapur, Gram Banglar Grihasta o Nari”, written and published by Yeneka Arence & Yos Kan Beurden in 1980.

Festival in Santiniketan, (Briksharopan and Halakarshan)

About a Festival in Santiniketan on development of environment by planting tree and other activities (through songs, dance and rituals) inaugurated by Rabindranath during his time.

Sachin Shankar Dance Festival in Calcutta

About Sachin Shankar Dance Festival in Calcutta.