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Theatre Movement in Bangladesh: A New Dimension

The article focuses the trend of theater movement in Bangladesh that started after the independence in 1971.

A new trend in the study of Folklore and cultural heritage of Bangladesh

The article highlights about the modern trends in the study of folklore, and it was the outcome of National Folklore Workshop organized jointly by Bangla Academy and Ford Foundation in 1989. The continuation of the article was published in the same newspaper on 9th March 1989.

Ekushey February (Language Movement) : Symbol of Cultural Freedom

The books on the Language Movement of Bangladeshi people on 21 February 1952.

Cover-Our Language Movement

Alex Haly : The Root Searcher

About the life and works of Alex Haly.

Development of Women in Bangladesh in the perspective of International Women Day

Bangladesh, being a developing country is striving towards achieving Millennium Development Goals. Empowerment of Women is one of the agendas of these goals. The government of Bangladesh has formulated a National Policy on the development of women. In this context, the article put emphasiz on the implementation of this policy to ensure gender equity in all spheres of life, ensure safety and security of girls and women in the family life as well as social and national life, establish women right, make them skilled by providing proper education and training, health and nutrition facility, life security, income generating activities, and taking steps to stop all kinds of indiscrimination to girl child and women. Moreover, the state should provide opportunity to develop their creativity and recognize the achievements of women.
The background and importance of International Women’s Day have been focused in the article