Comarative study of Novels between Bangladesh and West Bengal: (1947-71)

The book is an academic research on the comparative study of novels between Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) and West Bengal in the context of social, political, economic and religious background before and after the partition of Bengal in 1947, when the trend of literature of the two countries went through different direction. The book also reflects the changes in the scenario of world literature and new movements in arts and literature as a result of first and second World War, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, rise of Socialism and class consciousness following the theory of Karl Marx. All these events had great impact on human beings around the world. Novel is the reflection of human life, and the book is a sharp analysis of these aspects in the novels of two countries. On the other hand, the pictures of rural and urban life in the novels, transformation of moral values, reflection of class-conflict, psychoanalysis, stream of consciousness etc. are highlighted. The research also explained how the forms of novels have been changed in the world context. The book contains six chapters along with introduction and conclusion. It is used as a reference book in Honors and Masters level in the universities.

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